As a community, learning from each other is an essential part of This Gathering. We have workshops encompassing all aspects of us including the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

friday, sept 13

Workshop Space 1 - "Down Here"


04:00pm - 05:30pm with Sepehr ~ Fungi Superpowers

05:30pm - 07:00pm with River ~ Dancing the Space Between Us

saturday, sept 14

Workshop Space 1 - "Down Here"


10:00am - 11:00am with Flora ~ Heart Yoga Flow

11:00am - 12:30pm with Asha ~ Breathwave Circle

12:30pm - 02:00pm with Samantha ~ Sensing Ventures

02:00pm - 03:30pm with Melanie ~ Acroyoga

03:30pm - 05:00pm with Brian Movement Locomotion

05:00pm - 06:30pm with Rachele and Cataya ~ Heart of the Feminine

Workshop Space 2 - "Up There"


10:30am - 11:00am with Alaya ~ Mayan Pyramid Meditation
11:00am - 12:30pm with Terri ~ Herbal Healing
12:30pm - 02:00pm with Deus ~ Feeling Freedom
02:00pm - 03:30pm with Ian ~ Erotic Activist
03:30pm - 05:00pm with John ~ Village Activation
05:00pm - 06:30pm with Kemal ~ Sacred Brotherhood
06:30pm - 08:00pm with Jan ~ Breath Journey for Mind and Body

sunday, sept 15

Workshop Space 1 - "Down Here"

10:30pm - 12:00pm with Satiya ~ Touch of Yin Yoga
12:00pm - 01:30pm with Kristina ~ Singing for Joy and Harmony
01:30pm - 03:00pm with Carolini ~ Brazilian Twerkshop
03:00pm - 04:30pm with Taylor ~ Breathwave Circle + Soundbath

Workshop Space 2 - "Up There"

11:30am - 12:00pm with Alaya ~ Mayan Pyramid Meditation
12:00pm - 01:30pm with Meagan ~ Edible Landscapes
01:30pm - 03:00pm with Julia ~ Authentic Relating

Meet your workshop leaders

Asha Marie - Breathwave Ceremony


Asha Marie is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, with focus on the psyche-somatic link of body, mind and spirit. She has been facilitating regular breath circles and one on one clients since 2014, learning through Robin Clements, founder of the gentle and powerful ceremonial style approach of 'Breathwave'. Through her experience, she has found circular breathing to be her foundational practice for returning to homeostasis, for healing trauma and for connecting her with her heightened joy and clarity.

Julia Sevitt - Authentic Relating


Julia has been exploring the realms of the healing arts for the past 20 years. Working mostly through bodywork practices and now weaving in more of the heart based intimacy practices such as authentic relating.  Authentic Relating has proven to be an incredibly potent platform for transforming and deepening in relationship.

How we communicate shapes our world.  In this workshop we will explore and investigate how to deepen into greater empathy for ourselves and become more present when connecting with others.  We will use relating games as a tool to explore our curiosities and to see others more clearly while allowing ourselves to be more fully seen. Conscious connection is available to us, let's dive in!

Samantha Hope - Sensing Ventures

Samantha Hope is a creative investigator having a background in martial arts, intuitive dance, 5 rhythms, dance movement therapy, psyche clowning, permaculture and sociology. She loves the exploration of the connections of rhythms that are all around us, that are embodied in oneself and also can be seen in the natural world.

In this workshop, she will take participants through a sensing adventure whereby playful exercises creates an opening of awareness of their subtle bodies to create space for connection with themselves, others and nature. The workshop contains breathing, partner and embodied movement exercises.

Kemal Kemp - Sacred Brotherhood


Kemal has always been a seeker.  From his younger years, spending hours on end in the dirt trying to uncover unknown treasures, until now, where he continues the path to uncover deeper truths within and without. During this journey Kemal found that his True Nature lay within ancient cultures and resonates deeply with several spiritual and mystical lineages from across the globe.

Creating a safe and sacred space for men to be witnessed, heard and compassionately observed while working with aspects of the mature masculine.

Sacred Sisterhood Society - Heart of the Feminine

The Sacred Sisterhood Society was created by two trained life coaches and counselors. Cataya T Caven and Rachele Kehler felt something was missing in the world of female friendships and personal growth.

"We wanted to create a society that operated from a place of safety while encouraging personal growth and development."

Cataya and Rachele connected while in counselling school together and they both recognized the power of group healing. Where there is a collective energy of support and openness, huge transformations can happen.

In this workshop, we will uncover how our hearts are the compass for navigating in this world. We will experience heart-centred connection through movement, an intellectual understanding of the masculine and feminine essence while embracing the polarity of both dynamics within ourselves. Join us during this time we will explore what it looks like to let love be our guiding force.

River Ritchey - Dancing With The Space Between Us


River hails from Vancouver, BC where she spends her days pursuing her passions: creating community, chasing bugs and teaching Contact Dance Workshops.

Through a series of exercises and games we will investigate ways in which we can connect with one another on the dance floor - engaging first with ourselves and then with the space around us. Come and experience the joy of being in body, the joy of being present and being lost - the joy of co-creation through dance. Come discover the magic of dancing the space between us.

Deus Fortier - Feeling Freeom


With over a decade of experience in the realms of consciousness studies, Deus Fortier is a magnetic artist, speaker, and human potential coach. Deus specializes in teaching practical tools of self-mastery that grant access to deep, lasting fulfillment in relationship with oneself and others.

A bold and playful exploration of Emotional Intelligence and Communication Mastery for the evolving human. In this 75 minute workshop we explore the incredible power we have as humans to sense, generate, and transmit different states of consciousness using the tools of feeling, language, sound, and movement. Expect a combination of practical wisdom teachings, playful connection games, and guided feeling exercises. Join us for this playful yet profound journey into Feeling Freedom!

Brian Carew - Exploring Locomotion Movement

Brian Carew is a Movement Instructor and 720hr RYT passionate about discovering the layers of the
body's vast movement potential. he believes that each of us has the ability to unlock precision,
depth, and self-awareness through exploring the landscapes of the moving human body. Brian
combines his training in yoga and various movement modalities — such as capoeira, contemporary
dance, and acrobatics– to create a genuine experience of self-discovery and joy for his students in a
safe and balanced environment. Brian emphasizes balance, strength, mobility, and a sense of
curiosity in his teachings and practice.
Humans are adaptive and opportunistic movers. We can crawl, jump, roll, spin, and explore endless ways
to move in the lateral and vertical planes. Join Brian Carew for an 1.5hr  movement and locomotion workshop that will tap into your primal movement patterns. Throughout this workshop we will explore various animal-based movements, test balance and coordination, touch on some arm-balancing and inversions concepts, and emphasize bringing the spin alive with body waves and spinning.
All ages and all movement practice can dive in and benefit from these teachings. The aim and goal of this
offering is to tap into flow, connect to our inner child via play, and create a curious and safe space to
explore captivating movements that enrich both the body and soul.

Kristina Marie: Earthen Harmony: Singing for Joy

Kristina is a passionate musician, song carrier, and group singing facilitator. After training under the Ubuntu Choir Network, Kristina has found deep healing and joy in bringing easy to learn but harmony rich heart songs from around the world, as well as her own originals, into small or large group settings. 

This group singing workshop will incorporate short, aural tradition songs from around the world that can be learned easily in the moment, by any and everyone.. no solos and no experience necessary! The intention is to learn and then sink into the experience of sharing our voices and hearts together. Joy, silliness, and that sweet juicy aliveness are pretty much a guarantee!

Ian MacKenzie: The Erotic Activist

Many activists, artists, and changemakers channel their passion into serving a new paradigm that works for all life - yet too often they burn out or find their own lives in disarray.  How can we integrate Eros, the vital energy of life itself, to give us the vitality needed to catalyze big change? And how might we partner with Emergence, the vast intelligence of the universe, to guide our actions and collaborations with others into an effective planetary movement? Join Ian MacKenzie for this interactive workshop and find out.

Carolini Arco: Brazilian Twerkshop

Brazilian twerking is a cultural movement created by the disadvantaged communities in the central area of Brazil. Twerking and the music that accompanies it (Brazilian funk) were created as a way to promote expression and tell the stories of what happens inside the “favelas” of Rio de Janeiro, a place marked by violence and poverty and yet blooming with creativity and color. For having a “shocking” element through its lyrics and sometimes obscene movements, the local government considered “funk” to be inappropriate and tried to create laws that forbid the expression of this art movement. 

When we spread the word of Brazilian Funk, we are not only having fun and experiencing a new way of empowering ourselves through movement, we are voting for the freedom of expression of an art form that represents a big and many times under-looked community.

Satiya Channer: Restorative Yin Yoga

Satiya has been teaching yoga for the past 6 years. She is a certified Yoga Therapist and a Farmer. So, movement plays a big role in her life both for her work and to stay supple in spite of her work. Her practices focus on Yin and Restorative both of their realignment and therapeutic benefits and because of the access to deep fascia connection in the body.

Terri Isabella Munro: Herbal Healing

Join Registered Canadian Herbalist, Terri Isabella Munro on a local herb walk. Learn more about some of the medicines growing on the very grounds we gather on, how to identify and how to use!

John Andreas: Village Activation

Join John in a discussion on Creating Interpersonal Harmony, Compatibility and Purpose through Archetypal Elemental Roles in a small group context.

Sepehr Samimi: 10 Super Powers of Fungi

Sepehr is fungi enthusiast/amateur mushroom cultivator who studied mushrooms in Fungi Academy located in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Additionally, he is the video producer for School of Soma, the first online school for sacred mushrooms. Join Sepehr as he discusses 10 ways mushrooms can help us and help save the world.

Jan Sutherland: Breath Journey ~ Mind-Body Alignment and Boundaries 

In this workshop, you will explore the somatic experience of the right brain, the mind-body connection, boundaries and self regulation in terms of emotions and relationships. Your facilitator, Dr. Janice Sutherland is a Naturopathic Doctor, also trained in Bowen Therapy and Breathwork Facilitation. She guides her breathers to trust in their own innate healing wisdom, and believes conscious connected breathwork is one of the most powerful ways to access this healing source. She activates your senses through sound, light body work, essential oils, and guided meditation. Her training in Breathwave and Integrative Body Psychotherapy is combined to give you a powerful and grounded breath journey to find harmony and balance within. She holds deep gratitude for her breath teachers: Dr. Dana Barton, ND, Robin Clements, and Jenn Field.