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Andrew quit his comfy engineering job in 2014. After filling his cup with travel, adventure, and odd jobs, he eventually found himself on the healing path. He completed massage school at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts in 2019, worked at a spa in Ucluelet for the summer, and is just coming from Burning Man!

Andrew is an intellectual at heart, enjoys deep conversation, and longs for community. Why? Because human connection is the key to happiness. And touch is such a strong form of human connection.

Other passions of his include disappearing into the mountains, fermenting beer, ginger beer and kombucha, dumpster diving, music, dancing and experimenting with plant medicines on a spiritual level.


Fleur is a Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Empath & Sound Healer Practitioner. She is passionate about supporting those who hear the call. She creates sacred spaces that shift consciousness, allow the nervous system to reset, re-energize the body, and release what is no longer needed. Fleur is available for individual healing sessions, distance treatments, custom ceremonies, workshops, and private event. Follow Fleur on Instagram fleur.vibrantsoul and Facebook

John gave up corporate life many years ago in order to help

people live better in their world. Then I became a

Registered Massage Therapist in order to have that career

where I could help people every day. Since getting

registered in 2007 I have happily spent 12 years working in

massage therapy in both Vancouver and Whistler.

A great deal of my practice helps people rehabilitate from

various injuries and illnesses. In the rehab area I use muscle

energy technique, myofascial work and deep tissue work as


Another main practice area is CranioSacral work. This work

really helps align bones of the cranium and spine while also

helping the autonomous nervous system rebalance itself.

Both rehab and CranioSacral can be used in one treatment and often are.


John Angrignon

Registered Massage Therapist.



Dr. Janice Sutherland is a Naturopathic Doctor, also trained in Bowen Therapy and Breathwork Facilitation. She guides her breathers to trust in their own innate healing wisdom, and believes this is one of the most powerful ways to access that healing source. Her focus in on the somatic experience, exploring the mind-body connection, boundary work and self regulation in relating to emotions and relationships. She will activate your senses through sound, light body work, essential oils, and guided meditation. She holds deep gratitude for her breath teachers: Dr. Dana Barton, ND, Robin Clements, and Jenn Field.

Alisha went to Massage Therapy school in Chicago, Illinois. She has been practicing massage for 4 years. She is certified Reiki Level II and is also a Full-Spectrum Doula.Her style is unique because of my intuitive listening skills that facilitate deep relaxation. Her work is gentle yet precise and effective. Alisha loves helping people breathe deeper and be more comfortable in their bodies.

Daniel is a heart intuitive and has done his training through the Vancouver School of healing arts. His unique ability is to listen to the body, tapping into deep conditioning, tension, muscle knots to release, ease and let go of anything that doesn't serve us. He is direct and compassionate in all of his sessions to open the body's gateway to bliss, relaxation,  rejuvenation, restoration, joy, and awareness. Being a drummer for 20 plus years daniels hands are innately accustomed to moving energy, just try 1 minute of tapotement from him and you will feel why."

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Carolini Arco is a Reiki Master, Trans-personal Life Coach, Psychic Teacher and the creator of Arco Reiki & Coaching. Carolini’s speciality is guiding people to re-discover their sense of self, connecting with Divinity and owning their truest expression, giving them the tools to completely transform their reality from the inside out and contribute to the world around them. Arco’s methods have developed over 10 years of studies in cutting edge tactics of behavioral technologies, neuro-science and energetic guiding principles. After working closely with some of the leading specialists in the personal coaching field, Carolini combined her studies, mentoring experiences and mystical discoveries to develop a holistic transformational method based on vibrational alignment, strategic thinking and personal connection.


"Heather has always had a passion for helping people which has led her to study and pursuing a career in massage and wellness. Heather trained through 'The Vancouver School of Healing Arts' Professional Bodywork program where she learned several modalities of massage.

Her favourite treatment styles include deep-tissue and integrative massage. With her well-rounded training she likes to cater to clients needs using whatever modality is most appropriate. Heather has deepened her practice in working with others by taking introductory counseling courses as well as advanced breathwork training which has taught her how to work with opening the breath and how it relates to postural holding patterns. She believes that learning never ends and is happy with the abundant opportunities for growth this path has offered. "

Inquisitive earth lover, soul-seeking realist, lover of plants, dance and the human experience. This is Sam. Four years of experience in the professional massage world and her favorite place to offer her services remains at festivals and gatherings. The energy transfer that can take place, can recharge her as much as the receiver. She’s currently studying Chinese Medicine and now integrates channel palpation and acupressure, alongside a diverse array of bodywork modalities. Finding the flow in each massage, she works with breathe and vocal feedback to give the best treatment she can offer. She’s looking forward to working with those who find her at THIS! <3