This Gathering Music & Arts Micro Festival

Roberts Creek ~ Sunshine Coast ~ British Columbia

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This Gathering is committed to fostering its safe and inclusive community. In order to do so, we are providing Harm Reduction and professional medical service.


More information to come on our team in the near future...



Code of Conduct Safety and inclusive community also requires all attendees of THIS GATHERING to understand and agree to this Code of Conduct in relation to all activities regarding THIS GATHERING. The following actions will result in a warning and/or ejection from THIS GATHERING:


• Offensive or abusive language

• Obscene or offensive gestures, including the use of offensive imagery and symbolism on banners, signs, etc.

• The participation in an activity that is insulting or harmful to oneself and/or fellow guests

• Violence or engaging in any harmful behavior to self or others

• Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property

• The possession of alcohol

• The possession, or sale of illegal substances

• Accessing restricted areas without adequate credentials

• Creating potential fire risks Any individual who violates this Code of Conduct may be IMMEDIATELY removed from the Event grounds and have their Event Wristband and parking/camping privileges revoked, without refund. Law enforcement may be notified